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I am starting a new site. I thought that I would use this one as my personal site, however want to do some customizations to wordpress. So I decided to stetup a separate site where I couldĀ  set it up the way I wanted. So this will be the new home fo Cruzinthegalaxie


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Skrape – my first wordpress plugin

Check it out. I made my first release of a wordpress plugin I started working on a little while ago. 

What does it do? It uses the PHP CURL extension to login to a remote website to harvest (aka scrape) content and import it into WordPress on a scheduled task.

Why would you want to do that? Well for example I have an account at a particular website that requires me to login to read the new content each day. I wanted to setup a scheduled task to login and retrieve that content and insert it into my beer club members blog. So that is exactly what this plugin does.


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In the begining…

For my first post, you would think that I would regergitate my entire life story. Instead, how about I describe what I might post in the future.
At my place of employment we have several systems I am in charge of working on, maintaining and so forth. I hope to post info that will be usefull to those in similar senerios as me, so that you can learn from my mistakes or gain knowledge from my research.


  • Linux administration, installation, troubleshooting
  • Thin Client deployment, configuration, and further enhancements
  • LTSP custimizations
  • Single System Image Clustering with Linux
  • Cisco Callmanager maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Asterisk Phone Sytem testing and deployment
  • Asterisk integration with Cisco CallManager via SIP Trunking
  • VoIP SIP Termination with either Cisco or Asterisk
  • VoIP recording for quality and training purposes
  • Server topics in general.
  • Migrating away from Microsoft products and moving towards opensource alternatives.
  • Web developement tricks within the LAMP stack

I will also post other rantings, raves, and experiences I have with my other online adventures. Upcoming… I investigate options for one-off on-demand personalized products. I hope to find a site that will allow me to automate, but will look at some of the popular ones first. Out of the sites I found so far cafepress, zazzle, and printmojo look the most appealing. I am going to check out cafepress and see how it works out.

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